Dental implants, namely tooth implants, are artificial tooth roots with titanium content placed in the jawbone. These artificial tooth roots, which are placed in the jawbone with Implant Surgery, perform functions such as chewing and crushing caused by missing teeth, as well as eliminating aesthetic problems.


Features of Dental Implants

Titanium-containing dental implants are very healthy and tissue-compatible screws. After it is placed in the jawbone, it is coated with different materials and processed in order to hold it cellularly.

Implants, which are expressed as artificial tooth roots and provide the closest balance of forces to one’s own teeth, can be used for many years without experiencing functional problems during eating, as they are produced from materials that do not interact with body tissues and are resistant to forces.

Who Can Have Implant Treatment?

Implant Surgery, which is performed with the aim of creating usable teeth on the jawbone, can be applied to anyone who has completed the age of 18, has completed bone development and has a suitable bone level, without an upper age limit. The most important criterion in this treatment is whether the jawbone is suitable for implant treatment or not. Therefore, intraoral clinical examination and radiographic evaluation are very important before treatment.
In this treatment, which is applied for the construction of fixed or removable prostheses in the absence of teeth, in cases where the bone density is not sufficient, procedures are performed to create bone in the jaw before the implant treatment.

This procedure, called “Bone Graft”, is applied to eliminate volume losses in the lower or upper jawbone and to restructure the bone. Thus, the weak and lost bone tissue is strengthened and repaired.

How Is Implant Treatment Performed?

Implant Surgery has a very fast and comfortable process. It can be done to replace previously lost teeth, or if there is no infection or inflammation, it can also be placed after tooth extraction.

Implant treatment, which can be performed with anesthesia or light sedation, can be applied with two different options. In one-stage treatment, a temporary cap is attached after the implants are placed. In the two-stage treatment, after the dental implant screws are inserted, sutures are placed to cover it with the gingiva and the healing process is expected.

After a healing period of 2 to 3 months, prosthetic heads are attached after the integration of the implant screws and the jawbone. In some patients, teeth can be placed on dental implant screws immediately. At the end of both implant treatment phases, patients can easily use their teeth in their former functions.

İmplant Tedavisi - Diş Hekimi Prosthodontist Protez Uzmanı Melih Şengül

Are Dental Implants Harmful?

Titanium in dental implants is a tissue-friendly material compatible with tooth, gingival and bone structures. These titanium-containing compounds, which are compatible with the human body, are used in the jawbone as artificial tooth roots.

Although implant surgery is the most ideal treatment for missing tooth treatments, it is a dental application that is suitable for tooth structure and has high success rates. It is perceived as a prosthetic rehabilitation method that gives the best results, especially in bridge dental treatments, when it is not desired to get support from the tooth next to the missing tooth or in the cases where there is no tooth to be supported.

Implant Treatment X-Ray and Examination

Before the Implant Surgery, which is performed with the aim of eliminating the missing teeth, giving the lost aesthetic appearance to the teeth and supporting the functional needs, you can have a free panoramic x-ray taken by using our free examination to evaluate whether the jawbone is suitable for implant treatment and to create an appropriate treatment plan.

You can contact us to get examined by our specialist physicians, to create your treatment plan and to learn about Implant Surgery prices by making use of our free panoramic X-ray and free examination.


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